RuPay and JCB International unite for cashback offer

Credit: giggsy25, Shutterstock

RuPay has partnered with JCB International to announce the second phase of its limited-time special cashback offer scheme for all RuPay JCB Debit and Credit Cardholders. 

As part of the deal,customers using a RuPay JCB Card will receive a 40% cashback on purchases made at retail stores in Thailand, Singapore, and Bahrain throughout the offer period .

Yoshiki Kaneko, President and COO, JCB International Co. Ltd., said: “As part of our constant endeavour to offer great value to our customers, we are happy to launch a cashback campaign from December 29, 2022 to March 31, 2023 in Thailand, Singapore and Bahrain for our valued RuPay JCB cardmember family. 

“We are sure our rapidly increasing Indian cardmember base will enjoy not just the many doors opened by JCB’s strong acceptance network but also a lucrative 40% cashback on all face-to-face transactions made by them on their RuPay JCB Debit and Credit cards in these countries.”

The maximum cashback amount per transaction will be INR3,000, with an overall cap of INR15,000 per card during the offer period. Detailed T&C can be referred at

Kunal Kalawatia, Chief of Products, NPCI added: “We are happy to announce the second phase of our cashback offer scheme for all RuPay JCB Credit and Debit Cardholders. After launching the first phase of this offer and receiving positive feedback on it, we now want to expand the offering to more geographies so that an extended pool of Indian travellers can benefit from lucrative cashbacks. During the New Year season, Thailand, Singapore, and Bahrain typically see an influx of Indian tourists. 

“Therefore, we have attempted to synchronize the appropriate locations with the opportune time in introducing the continuation of our cashback offer scheme for RuPay JCB Cardholders. Furthermore, with a growing international acceptance network and the sustaining actualisation of the pent-up demand for international travel, we hope to continue to provide such attractive offers in other regions in the future.”

The first-leg of the cashback scheme was introduced on October 1, 2022. In accordance with the offer scheme, RuPay JCB Debit and Credit Cardholders are being offered identical cashback benefits for in-store purchases made in Australia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) via their cards, up until December 31, 2022.