iDenfy locks fraud out of HR with UpStack partnership


Fraud mitigator iDenfy has partnered with recruiting specialist UpStack to help with and enhance security around staff hires.

According to a joint statement from both companies, the time for this collaboration is now because of the wave of fraudulent candidates online brought upon by the pandemic and the need to communicate virtually.

Bad players can take advantage of deepfakes and document alteration in order to create a legitimate-at-first-glance identity and land a specific remote job, which iDenfy and UpStack are aiming to prevent. 

Upstack will utilise iDenfy’s AI-driven toolkit, AML services and end-to-end identity verification to divert fraud attempts and automate the pre-employment screening process.  

The tools will be used to detect deepfake videos, 3D masks and other means to corrupt imagery, while each candidate also goes through screening that determines whether they are on any global watchlists, sanction lists, PEPs and more.  

Domantas Ciulde, CEO of iDenfy, highlighted that a multi-layered approach should be taken towards ID verification in HR, where simplicity and efficiency are never used at the cost of the other. 

“Increased volumes in remote hiring means more opportunities for fraudsters,” Ciulde said. “We’re helping our partners at UpStack improve the experience for the candidates and secure the best talent in tech.”

Roxanna Duta, Head of Talent at UpStack, added: “We’re excited to join forces with true professionals in the KYC/AML field – iDenfy. Our top priority as a growing company is to stay compliant with security policies and provide top-notch services in the most reliable and trusted manner.”