iDenfy powers BEEP.Rent’s registration process for enhanced fraud prevention

Car rental network BEEP.Rent has selected iDenfy to bolster customer onboarding process via the firm’s AI-driven verification service.

The ID verification will enhance the registration process for BEEP.Rent offering its services for drivers and customers. 

iDenfy’s full-stack ID verification solution will aim to ensure a fast and easy authentication process for the car rental service as fraudsters continue to find new ways to commit complex crimes in the sharing economy sector. 

It comes as fake identities and stolen driver’s licences are the key reasons car rentals are prioritising that the person picking up the car is legitimate.

Kamil Put, CEO of BEEP.Rent, commented: “All of our contracts with partners are signed remotely, so we need to be sure that all parties are correctly identified. iDenfy’s real-time identity verification provides the needed convenience for our customers and protects from fraud or any potential damages.”

According to iDenfy, uploading an authentic driver’s licence isn’t enough to prevent fraud in the car rental landscape. For accuracy and transparency, verifying another legal document, such as an ID or a passport, is needed to identify who is renting the vehicle.

The verification firm states that the growing number of customers downloading the advanced mobile app from BEEP.Rent required a more robust ID verification solution to help onboard new clients faster.

The AI-powered algorithms scan and review the document, which is later reviewed manually by one of iDenfy’s in-house KYC experts.
“Given the rise of fraudulent documents, identity verification is essential, and car rental platforms aren’t an exception. We’re glad to partner with a modern and secure sharing economy platform that is on the same page regarding having high-security standards,” added Domantas Ciulde, CEO of iDenfy.