Biometrics firm Fingerprints and wearable tech startup Flywallet have teamed up to introduce their latest wearable biometric tech to EU consumers.

With its already-established lineup of payment, mobility, access and health support product offering, Flywallet will now be able to also access Fingerprints’ proprietary sensors, software and algorithm to deploy across multiple payments use cases and enhance security.

Lorenzo Frollini, Founder, CEO and CTO at Flywallet, said: “We are pleased to have established a strong partnership with Fingerprints, where we can share an innovative vision on biometric wearables.

“Together, we are enabling simple and secure biometric technology that people can use to enhance their everyday lives. In an ever-advancing and hyperconnected world, we believe companies that come together will thrive in providing a smooth and secure user experience to access digital services.

“Our partnership with Fingerprints follows our goal and direction of building a cyber risk-proof interface to connect physical and digital identities, based on the simplicity of biometrics.”

Both companies report that demand for wearable devices is set to increase even more, and have reminded providers that when it comes to payment security in place, it should be reminiscent of that when unlocking a car or a front door.

Roger Carrico, Vice President, Head of Sales for Payment & Access at Fingerprints, added: “Collaborating with Flywallet will accelerate growth of the biometric wearables market in Europe and improve consumer access to new biometric products that enhance convenience and trust.

“For Fingerprints, this partnership is further evidence that our sensors can easily be integrated with other hardware devices to support the development of secure and innovative biometrics products.”