Bluecode becomes latest Alipay+ European payment partner ahead of EURO 2024

credit: Shutterstock
credit: Shutterstock

Alipay+ has confirmed Bluecode as its latest European payment network partner for mobile payments in time for the upcoming UEFA EURO 2024 tournament this summer. 

Users on the Bluecode QR payment app will be able to make payments at all Alipay+ supported stores in Europe via a suite of cross-border mobile payment capabilities and digital technologies operated by Ant International

Issuers will be able to integrate Bluecode into their apps and core banking systems, enabling customers to pay with QR codes directly from their checking accounts.

Christian Pirkner, Bluecode CEO, said: “We at Bluecode are firm believers in the importance of mobile payment innovation without boundaries for Europe. Bluecode scheme rules enable Europeans at participating banks to transact directly from their checking accounts. 

“This interoperability partnership with Alipay+ now allows Bluecode payments at millions of merchants first in Europe and subsequently all around the world. Through this interoperability concept we aim to replicate the roaming model of the mobile telecommunication industry: Bluecode users will pay at Alipay+ merchants across the world in the same way as they are paying here at home. 

“Transactions are processed seamlessly across the payment solution, not requiring any changes to the integration for our member banks or on the merchant side.”

In the near future, the partnership solution will also be incorporated within more than 300 banks based in Germany – host nation of EURO 2024 – which have adopted Bluecode QR code payment technology, to enable users to make direct payments from their banking apps to merchants that accept Alipay+.

Customers and merchants will first benefit from mobile payment interoperability in advance of EURO 2024, as Alipay+ is the official payment partner of the tournament. 

This partnership will enable football fans to access convenient payment options when they attend tournament matches and travel the country.

Pietro Candela, General Manager of Europe at Alipay+, added: “This partnership enables Alipay+ merchants all over the world to accept payments from European travellers, who will find more convenience and benefits. 

“Alipay+ merchants will benefit from the partnership to connect and engage with more European customers, before, during and after their travels, enabled by an eco-system of local financial apps. 

“UEFA EURO 2024 is the perfect time to kick off this new mobile customer engagement, taking advantage of the universal language of football to create enthusiasm and fun among global communities.”