GoDaddy is offering more efficient ways for businesses to handle on-the-go transactions with its latest release of QR codes. 

The web host company’s GoDaddy payments app will generate a one-time QR code on a business’s digital device, which then allows the customer to scan the code on their phone to complete the transaction. 

GoDaddy released that the service would be ideal for small businesses who don’t want to invest in a point of sale (POS) device. 

Transaction fees on QR codes will be 2.3% plus an additional 30 cents, the same rate that GoDaddy uses for their POS services without the additional charges. 

Jesse Whitfield of Nutty Addictions, a handcrafted, gourmet snack company based in Alpharetta, Georgia, reveals that GoDaddy payments QR codes have helped him sell his treats in more spaces without impacting his budget. 

Whitfield comments: “This is a great option for those who cannot afford point of sale devices but want to let the customer maintain a higher level of privacy when paying in-person.”

In line with GoDaddy’s focus on providing efficient and accessible payment points, it recently acquired omnicommerce platform Poynt

Poynt allows merchants to take and sell anywhere with its products. Poynt is one of 27 companies GoDaddy has acquired in recent years.