GoDaddy has united with PazeSM in a bid to support small businesses with the online checkout experiences that they provide for consumers. 

It means that GoDaddy has become the first website builder to integrate Paze into a small business’ customer checkout experience, as it underlines the continued focus from consumers on not being put through a checkout process met with friction. 

Head of Payments Products at GoDaddy, Saurabh Mangal, stated on the collaboration: “Abandoned carts are difficult to convert after the fact, so it’s vital to get the checkout process right. GoDaddy Payments’ partnership with Paze will aid small businesses in streamlining their customers’ checkout experience and help close more sales.”

According to recent studies, over half of Americans say they would stop shopping with a merchant that doesn’t accept payments from digital wallets, boosted by the ability to skip manual card entry and smoothen out the process. 

The Paze checkout process is backed by financial institutions consumers trust, with it placing a key focus on reducing abandoned shopping carts and helping position small businesses for growth. 

The collaboration follows a trend of GoDaddy seeking to support SMEs when it comes to the transactional journey, the firm also recently tapped into QR codes as a method to improve the user experience.

It was revealed that the web host company’s GoDaddy payments app will generate a one-time QR code on a business’s digital device, which then allows the customer to scan the code on their phone to complete the transaction.