Clearshift strengthens verification process with iDenfy collaboration


iDenfy, a global ID verification service that provides a secure and reliable solution to instantly verify consumers’ identity online, has been selected by Clearshift as the firm deepens its commitment to verification.

Clearshift, a company focused on bringing low cost, transparency, and simplicity to currency exchange and international transfer services, will retain iDenfy to provide identity verification services and improve onboarding with their solutions, reduce fraud and improve client satisfaction.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Clearshift, Vytenis Pinaitis, commented on the iDenfy partnership: “We believe that the partnership with iDenfy will make onboarding simpler and more convenient. We also believe that iDenfy will increase our onboarding success rate while increasing our clients’ trust in technology. The iDenfy partnership means that Clearshift will be able to simplify identification verification for our clients while reducing fraud. Using iDenfy is a win-win from both a regulatory and customer satisfaction perspective.”

iDenfy’s identity verification will allow Clearshift to remotely identify clients in just a few minutes ensuring proper prevention of money laundering. The company’s identification solution is both convenient and compliant with European Union regulations.

iDenfy uses the latest artificial intelligence and biometric technologies to meet compliance, prevent fraud, and minimise costs while processing clients’ data quickly and securely. To ensure the highest accuracy, the company’s system combines ID Document Verification, Facial Recognition, and 3D Liveness Detection – into a user-friendly four-step verification process. The company prides itself on each verification being reviewed by qualified experts 24/7.

iDenfy CEO, Domantas Ciulde, added on the deal: “We are excited to partner with Clearshift. With the highest standards of transparency and reliability, our identity verification will enable their clients to feel secure in their activities with Clearshift. The overall process will be simplified with our technology, making onboarding more convenient and successful.”