Seeking to expand into new markets and diversify its offering, AstroPay has revealed the growth of its offering with the option to buy Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation cards, elevating its offering in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

In order to obtain a gift card from a withdrawal, the user must generate an AstroPay Card in the selected currency, which will be sent to the virtual wallet. Each withdrawal operation generates a new voucher as AstroPay Card is not rechargeable. With this new voucher, they can purchase the gift card of preference.

To access these new gift cards, the user needs to perform the same procedure as to purchase an AstroPay Card by creating an account through AstroPay Web App or AstroPay Card App, whilst selecting the preferred gift card and the most convenient payment method. Once the payment has been made it is available in the virtual wallet.

Mikael Lijtenstein, CEO of AstroPay, commented: “We are a B2C company, which is always on the lookout for new options. We listen to the consumer and provide answers based on their needs and requirements.”

AstroPay is the payment solution that has extensive experience in emerging markets and aims to make it easier for merchants to access non-banked sectors in the different countries where they operate, as well as open doors to new markets. It also offers a safe and reliable purchasing process by taking all existing risk and fraud prevention measures in each country.

It builds on AstroPay’s recent launch of its web app, which further deepened its focus on user engagement and a seamless global payments experience.