AstroPay has underlined its commitment to efficiency through the unveiling of a new slogan which reads ‘Simple, Money’. 

The firm explained that the new slogan epitomises its philosophy, as it continues to grow as a ‘fresh’ company for the sector.

Mikael Lijtenstein, CEO of AstroPay, commented: “When a customer makes a request, we turn on engines to find the solution immediately. Simple, Money – is the way to tell our customers that we understand them and take care of them.”

Revealing more about the slogan’s simplicity, he added: “These two words summarise the philosophy that the company cultivates since its inception. With a marked customer orientation. 

“It is worth stressing the extensive experience that the company has in handling the specificities of emerging markets, allowing it to offer an efficient solution to all its customers: merchants, end-users and business partners.” 

AstroPay, a company operating in Latin America, Africa and Asia for more than 11 years and with a presence in several of these regions, aims to help merchants access new markets more easily and safely.

Expansion has been a key part of the company’s strategy in recent years, as revealed in a recent interview with Lijtenstein for Payment Expert where he said: “As a long-standing payment solution, AstroPay provides merchants with the possibility to enter new markets easily and safely. 

“We have focused on the study of each country where we are available. Understanding its uses and customs, their particularities and regulation, allows us to easily adapt to changes and different circumstances that may arise.”