AnkerPay deepens commitment to digital currency with BSV

South African payment gateway, AnkerPay has become the latest to on-board BSV, as it enhances its focus on digital currency. 

It comes at a time when businesses are elevating awareness on the importance of digital currency, as it significantly scales and has very low transaction fees, with Bitcoin SV (BSV) becoming more and more in demand. 

AnkerPay offers a digital wallet, a point of sale (POS) system, an e-commerce integration platform, as well as AnkerATMs – two-way ATMs which enable quick conversion between fiat and digital currencies.  Its ecosystem will be implemented across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Les Vorster, CEO of AnkerPay, commented: “It has long been talked about that digital currencies can provide a solution to the swathes of people across the world that are unbanked and that is exactly our plan – especially to help people of Sub-Saharan Africa. Adding Bitcoin SV was an easy decision as it is very attractive to retailers and customers alike because of the tiny transaction fees on the chain.”

As well as this, AnkerPay is placing a focus on facilitating the on-boarding of the unbanked and financial inclusion. Giving access to those that don’t possess a bank account is vital in developing countries, an issue which AnkerPay works to solve.

Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of the Bitcoin Association, added: “Real value for any asset can only come with real utility. On Bitcoin SV, the increasing number of use cases which capitalise on this utility – just like AnkerPay – continue to demonstrate the possibilities of the Bitcoin blockchain when it is able to operate unhindered. 

“With a need for more efficient payment systems and for banking large unbanked populations, Africa is prime territory for widespread adoption of Bitcoin use cases.  

“It’s exciting to see AnkerPay help bring Bitcoin SV’s superior capabilities to Sub-Saharan Africa and I look forward to seeing the progress they make with BSV to give Africa’s people more access to financial services.”