bComm Association decides to re-brand – Bitcoin Association

The 1st-ever global organisation dedicated to ‘bitcoin-commerce’ – bComm Association has announced its rebranding to Bitcoin Association.

The organisation was created to bring together merchants, developers, miners and exchanges and others in the Bitcoin industry.

The association’s founding President, Jimmy Nguyen, explained the reasoning behind the new identity, stating that the new brand name captures the essence of the organisation greater than the previous ‘bComm Association’.

He said: “Everyone knows Bitcoin for its vision to become the world’s peer-to-peer electronic cash, but it will become far more.

Our organization seeks to advance all business uses of this powerful blockchain, not just payments and e-commerce with Bitcoin.”

Changes to the organisation’s website and social media pages have already been implemented along with a new logo for the association.


In the announcement, Bitcoin Association stated its support for Bitcoin SV (BSV) naming it the “rebirth of the original Bitcoin”.

Nguyen commented: “For too long, Bitcoin’s journey was restricted and diverted by developer groups who veered away from the Satoshi Vision. 10 years after the blockchain began, BSV restores Bitcoin to its rightful path.”

The Bitcoin Association aims to promote and help BSV grow in numerous ways including sponsoring events, education and networking for Bitcoin businesses and to provide resources for Bitcoin SV meetups and global BSV ambassadors.

“We encourage businesses of the world to join us and help unlock the true power of Bitcoin. The BSV blockchain will subsume the Internet and act as plumbing for the entire information world,” continued Nguyen.