Bitcoin Association announces listing of BSV token on Switchere

The Bitcoin Association for BSV has confirmed the listing of its Bitcoin SV token on the crypto exchange platform Switchere

Crypto users will be able to buy, sell and trade BSV from September through mobile devices or PCs along with a host of other cryptocurrencies on the platform. 

BSV states that achieving this was “no easy road”, as Switchere has a particular focus on liquidity for tokens. The emerging crypto exchange site’s technical team worked alongside BSV to identify and showcase competitive advances of the market. 

Switchere CEO, Dmitriy Koval, stated: “We are doing our best to select only the most innovative and valuable projects in the industry for listing on our full-featured crypto platform. 

“Today I am happy to announce that we have listed BSV. BSV listing is another step towards linking crypto and fiat worlds, as well as expanding the crypto communities even further.”

Switchere is one of the markets rapid emerging crypto exchanges, with a focus on making the exchange process fast, aiming to make crypto transactions possible in “a few mouse clicks”. 

Users will be able to use any type of payment method as Switchere supports Visa, Mastercard and Maestro debit cards to name a few, for buying crypto or exchanging crypto-to-crypto. 

The Bitcoin SV was recently listed on the LATOKEN exchange site in August, as the association continues in its efforts to gain traction for its token.