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British racing voices concerns over affordability checks

British racing has put forward a petition that aims to 'stop the implementation of betting affordability/financial risk checks'. The proposal, instigated by Nevin Truesdale, CEO of...

BGC: “Snobbish” affordability checks could hurt the sector

Affordability checks have yet again been brought under the spotlight by the UK’s Betting and Gaming Council (BGC). The trade association has warned that tougher...

Gambling Minister Paul Scully changes terminology of ‘affordability checks’

UK’s Gambling Minister Paul Scully has added a new language terminology to the industry as he went over the Gambling Act review with the...

Tink looks to simplify affordability verifications with Expense Check

Open banking platform Tink is rolling out its Expense Check product to provide lending firms a seamless and simplified approach to affordability verification.  Powered by...

Warren Russell, W2: Affordability checks should be done with care

Founder and CEO of W2 Warren Russell warned that businesses should take great care when introducing customer affordability checks.

Virgin Money launches new competition into the BNPL market

Virgin Money is entering the BNPL space announcing its new credit card, Virgin Money Slyce, aiming to allow customers to ‘buy now, pay better’.  Virgin...

TruNarrative: Investing in affordability means a ‘safe and enjoyable’ player experience

TruNarrative’s Head of Gaming Adam Doyle explains why affordability checks should take prevalence in the decisions of gambling operators.

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