Eventus put in charge of surveillance by crypto platform Deribit

Trade surveillance platform provider Eventus has signed a security contract with cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Deribit.

The deal entails that Deribit will be supplied with the Eventus Validus platform, receiving surveillance and detection capabilities to protect trading on the exchange. It comes in the midst of a growth period for Deribit as the company searched for a partner to secure a market in Dubai under the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority.

Eventus CEO Travis Schwab commented: “We’re delighted to help Deribit achieve heightened surveillance capabilities. As the exchange continues to grow and expand its business to new regulatory jurisdictions, our Validus platform provides the scalable, agile solution the compliance team will need as its volumes increase and regulatory requirements become more complex.”

Dohmen added more on the partnership by saying that other key factors in the decision behind it were the relevant experience and market competitive services Eventus brought to the table. It is expected that Deribit will start using Validus this yearly quarter.

Deribit Chief Legal, Compliance & Regulatory Officer David Dohmen added: “Once I joined Deribit and our search for a surveillance vendor was underway, I was able to share that Eventus’ customer service is excellent.

“I’ve looked at and worked with a variety of trade surveillance systems, including Validus, in two of my former roles since 2019. I was most impressed with the dedication and diligence of the Eventus team to continuously work with its clients to help improve how the system can meet our needs and resolve any issues we encounter along the way. They care about getting things done, it’s not just about the numbers.”