OMEGA Systems: Omni-channel grows popular with gaming companies

Speaking to SBC, Patrick Mann from OMEGA Systems shared his observations on one of today’s biggest trends among gaming companies, as he underlined the importance of the omni-channel user experience.

According to Mann, land-based entities are all about having an omni-channel presence, as this would meet user expectations and bolster customer loyalty.

Stating that “omni-channel is at the heart” of OMEGA, Mann continued: “A lot of our customers are land-based entities that want to go online or have gone online. Connecting land-based systems to an online platform is what they want to do.

“We work with some of the most leading front-end designers as well to deliver that product. We’ve integrated offline loyalty systems with our online to create a true omni-channel experience.”

Moving on to how OMEGA is helping its partners in their efforts to improve customer retention, Mann said: “Obviously there’s a common wallet as well, we can do cross bonusing to improve loyalty.

“They have all the responsible gaming features as well, social responsibility has become a major thing – to be proactive as an operator, us as the platform software provider, we need to underpin and support that.”

Mann also mapped out the rapid expansion the firm is seeking to embark on, as he predicted a major year for Omega Systems. 

“In the last two years we’ve gone with our clients to free licence markets in Argentina on a province by province basis, the Dutch market as well,” he explained.

“I guess the outlook is constantly going to new regulated markets and adding customers on the way and hopefully actually getting some today and tomorrow.”

He later added: “This time next year, I’m hoping to have a much bigger customer base. It’s my job to bring in clients, and retain them – reaffirming our position in the market is massive and that’s solely down to how we deliver on the product side.

“I think that’s massive for anybody in the software business, never mind online gambling. It’s about pushing the product to be the best it can be. In 2023, I want to be here with more customers and a better product.”