Free-to-play platform Play Globally has partnered up with multi-sided health platform Bearn, to incentivise a rewards-based program for the former’s customers. 

Branded as being the ‘first-of-its-kind partnership’, Play Globally users are enabled to use their points and convert them into Bearn credit points that can be utilised in the Bearn marketplace.  

Alongside using winning credits on Play Globally’s LuckyFans prize pool, winners will be able to activate their credits on brands such as Oakley, Travis Matthews and Callaway. 

“The opportunity to partner with a unique and engaging platform like Bearn is tremendously exciting,” stated Play Globally Founder/CEO, Stephen Dunham

“We are happy to now offer our users all the perks and value of Bearn’s digital marketplace, while also expanding the crossover reach of both platforms.”

The newly linked up synergy of both brands helps users achieve a better user experience and broadens the scope for potential rewards. 

Bearn are also doubling-down on its cause to incentivise exercising, as it promotes a rewards-based platform for users who take part in physical activities. 

“The personal fitness and mobile games spaces are both rapidly expanding and we are excited to team up with Play Globally to incorporate their IP and sweepstakes prizes for our members,” added Bearn CEO, Aaron Drew

“Play Globally’s ‘LuckyFans’ line serves as the ideal medium to gamify our sweepstakes and reward our members. This is a great opportunity to spread brand awareness and ultimately drive traffic and value for both Play Globally and our own product.”

The ‘Lucky Fans’ program is set to launch later this year across a range of sports in the US.