Optty is set to launch its new Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) platform off the back of raising $9 million in private funding. 

The new BNPL payment solution aims to provide transparency, simplicity and speed to the sector. As part of the launch, customers will be able to increase their conversions allowing for more versatility when shopping. 

The platform will be available in more than 59 countries and in 36 currencies. Optty has stated they promise to help retailers integrate the BNPL options into their systems in minutes. 

Optty has integrated its service 185 times across 41 different BNPL providers, including Klarna, Grab, Scalapay and Afterpay

“Buy Now, Pay Later is a revolution in retail. And Optty is a revolution in BNPL,” stated Natasha Zurnamer, CEO of Optty. 

“Our technology is the single source that empowers retailers with intelligence, speed, flexibility and responsibility in the world of BNPL. We are the honest broker that elevates results for retailers, choice and experience for consumers.”

According to Optty, retailers had to dedicate one week of internal development work to integrate BNPL services. Optty believes it can eliminate this slow process by integrating their new platform in minutes. 

Once integrated, the platform provides retailers with data and insights that drive better decisions, and the ability to promote and learn responsible lending. 

The aforementioned Afterpay is a partner of Optty and uses its BNPL platform. Afterpay Country Manager, Katrina Konstas, spoke on Optty’s integration, stating: “Optty plays an important role in the BNPL landscape.

“The platform will accelerate flexible payments availability around the world. Wirth more than 16 million active customers global, Afterpay is excited to work with Optty and we look forward to connecting even more merchants to our engaged young shoppers worldwide.”