PAX Technology has strengthened its offering with the launch of an Android PayTablet with a fully integrated SmartPOS engine.

The M8 Tablet is the latest addition to the PAX payment devices portfolio which includes the Android PayPhone M30 and its bigger brother – the M50.

The technical aspects of the M8 include an Octa-core processor powering Android 11, widescreen design that produces crisp visuals, as well as a dual camera setup which can be utilised for QR code and barcode scanning or producing inventory catalogues using the high-quality imaging capabilities. 

This can be done either via cellular data or high-speed wireless connectivity, as the M8 supports WiFi 2.4GHz/5GHz, 4G, and Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities. Moreover, the 480 grams of weight boosts the M8’s handheld portability.

Being tailored for the hospitality and high-end retail sectors, the Android PayTablet allows for apps made for food & beverages ordering, in-store check-out, and VAT refunds, to run simultaneously with payment acceptance. There is also an integrated PCI 6.x certified PINPad which can be used for transactions made via numerous digital payment methods.

Users of the M8 can download various business applications to increase productivity through the PAXSTORE marketplace, built specifically to connect payment service providers with merchants across the globe.