55 unlicensed betting websites blocked in Denmark

Spillemyndigheden, the Danish gambling regulator, has landed court approval for the blocking of 55 wagering websites that had been operating without the relevant licences in the country.

The decision represents a landmark one, with it being the highest single number of sites to be closed off since the regulator began intercepting illegal websites in 2012. Including the 55, it has now blocked a total of 145 domains to date.

Spillemyndigheden initially requested the websites in question to stop operations in Denmark, but after they failed to do so, it took its case to court.

The regulator was able to verify that all of the websites had been offering games in the country without a licence during a hearing on 2 March, and were therefore in breach of national regulations.

The court upheld Spillemyndigheden’s decision and it has now commenced the process of blocking the websites. The case may be subject to appeal.

The regulator split the 55 vetoed sites into five groups: online casino; online casino and lottery; online casino and online betting; online casino, lottery and online betting; and skin betting.

A total of 23 skin betting websites were ruled to be in breach of Danish regulations, 22 sites offered online casino, four sites operated online casino and lottery games, four sites were dedicated to online casino and online betting, while two sites ran online casino, lottery and online betting.

Spillemyndigheden Director, Anders Dorph, stated on the decision: “One of our most important tasks is to protect players from illegal gambling. At the same time, we must ensure that the providers who are allowed to offer games in Denmark can operate their business under orderly conditions.

“The record number clearly shows that the targeted efforts are needed, and we will therefore maintain the increased focus in the future.”