Denmark introduces new changes to national AML policy
Credit: max.ku / Shutterstock

Spillemyndigheden, the national gambling authority of Denmark, has updated its AML guidelines to better reflect the rising threats of financial crime. 

Primarily focused on gambling operators, industry staff and other relevant shareholders, the revised policies will act as a supplement to the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority’s Guidance on the Act on Preventive Measures against Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism. 

Some of the changes include “linguistic adjustments”, as well as an expanded list of examples to better illustrate the rules in section 3 on risk assessment, section 4 on policies, procedures and controls, and section 6 on customer due diligence procedures. 

Before being published, the updated guidance was subjected to a lengthy consultation with various external stakeholders in order to determine its viability and overall structuring.

The updates also led to a new guidance being drafted for the regulator’s AML Inspections rulebook, which – as the name suggests – contains information on the regulator’s inspection procedures, including reaction and confidentiality requirements. 

Thus, Spillemyndigheden’s gambling overwatch duties are split between the AML Inspections guidance and the Anti-Money Laundering Act to ensure better efficiency of regulatory enforcement. 

From this time on, the Anti-Money Laundering Guidance “will be updated on an ongoing basis” in line with any changes made to the AML Act to reflect shifts made in the national risk assessment.