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Tink: How VRPs can help navigate the economic storm

Andrew Boyajian, Head of Variable Recurring Payments at Tink, shares his thoughts on the role of VRPs and why they can be a pivotal...

HSBC’s implementation needs to drive increased adoption of VRPs

HSBC becoming the first bank to implement online Variable Recurring Payments is a key moment for transactions in the UK.  That being said, according to...

Yapily looks to ‘break down barriers’ with VRP launch

Open banking platform Yapily has announced the launch of its VRP API, helping drive innovation in the open banking space.

GoCardless: VRP regulations ‘a pivotal moment for the payment industry’

This weekend marks the CMA implementation deadline for Variable Recurring Payments (VRPs) and ‘sweeping’, a move that has been described as ‘a pivotal moment...

GoCardless unveils VRP offering

Payment provider GoCardless has announced the launch of its Variable Recurring Payments (VRP) offering that ensures regulatory compliance. The ‘Instant Bank Pay’ solution aims to...

NatWest signs with three payment providers for the deployment of VRPs

TrueLayer, GoCardless and Crezco will all help the bank provide its customers with Variable Recurring Payments (VRPs).

Ozone launches new API software

Ozone API is set to launch a new open banking software designed to convert APIs for more strategic and commercial banking.  Building upon its advanced...

TrueLayer combines sweeping and non-sweeping payments into a single API

The Variable Recurring Payments API extends TrueLayer's capabilities, offering support for both fintech firms and banks.

NatWest’s Payit launches debut variable recurring payment

British bank NatWest has been preparing for live roll out of variable recurring payments (VRP) with Payit, the bank’s open banking payments solution, following...

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