Mollie enables more flexible payments with BNPL provider Riverty

credit: Shutterstock
credit: Shutterstock

E-commerce financial service Mollie has partnered with Buy Now, Pay Later firm Riverty to provide up to 30 days off for customers to repay. 

Supported by Bertelsmann, Mollie customers will have an additional option to repay after the point-of-purchase. By expanding its range of BNPL services now alongside Riverty, Mollie now offers over 30 different payment methods. 

Active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria, Riverty will integrate into Mollie’s payment solutions and become activated into its dashboard, available to the customer in a few clicks. 

Koen Köppen, CEO at Mollie, said: “Riverty is a recognised BNPL method and the company focuses particularly on the European market. 

“At Mollie, we have the same focus, making our ambitions a good match. Last year, we made great strides to further align our product offering with our customers’ needs, with the launches of Mollie Terminal and Mollie Invoicing also being great examples of this. 

“By adding Riverty as a payment method, e-commerce companies can offer their customers even more freedom in the payment process.”

Riverty’s end-to-end BNPL service handles every aspect of the payment process, from payment selection to invoice acquisition to payment reminders and potential debt collection. 

The company offers extensive branding configurability at multiple consumer touchpoints to ensure the merchant’s brand remains at the forefront. The unique approach aims to enhance consumer loyalty and helps build a stronger, more recognizable brand presence.

Jörg Schnelle, CCO at Riverty, added: “Joining forces with Mollie strengthens our commitment to helping our merchants to stay true to their brands while converting and retaining customers.

“We’re excited to be partnering with an ambitious and service minded fintech player such as Mollie to make this happen.”

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