SEON and ELITBET seek to stomp out igaming fraud through AML tools

credit: Shutterstock
credit: Shutterstock

Fraud prevention company SEON is partnering with Bulgarian gaming operator ELITBET to mitigate modern fraud attacks within the gaming space. 

In order to match its growing customer base, ELITBET looks to safeguard its bonus offers that are susceptible to fraud attacks by integrating SEON’s end-to-end fraud prevention and AML solution to filter out bad actors at the account creation stage and enhance login monitoring across accounts.

SEON’s solution looks to enhance ELITBET’s ability to manage fraudulent sign-ups and monitor for suspicious activity and transaction monitoring. 

Utilising a robust combination of advanced digital footprinting, device intelligence and real-time monitoring, SEON will equip ELITBET with tools to prevent individuals from registering on its platform using fraudulent details through analysing cookies, device usage, password sharing data and by detecting attempts to manipulate information with popular privacy tools. 

Viktor Kirilov, CEO of ELITBET, commented: “We chose SEON due to its unique and scalable end-to-end solution, which will enable us to stay ahead of modern fraud attacks while minimising friction for our expanding customer base. 

“We stand to benefit from SEON’s unique technology to decipher the accurate identification of legitimate customers versus potential abusers, and to help us maintain a pristine online gaming environment – putting our platform in a stronger position to grow and serve our customer base more effectively. ”

Furthermore, by monitoring deposits and suspicious withdrawals, SEON will also flag bonus abuse and anomalies in player activity. 

The partnership aims to significantly reduce the incidence of account takeover attacks, multi-accounting and bonus abuse while simultaneously strengthening onboarding processes and delivering frictionless player experiences.

“We serve some of the most respected iGaming operators worldwide,” said Tamas Kadar, CEO and Co-Founder of SEON. 

“We understand deeply the challenges operators face in eliminating fraud while ensuring positive customer experiences for their players. We are delighted to partner with ELITBET as it embarks on an exciting era of growth, and look forward to preventing and detecting and reducing fraud across its operations.”