A digital image of a human head that is made up of data.
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Financial technology platform Galileo has unveiled its latest proprietary AI digital assistant, tailored for financial institutions and fintechs. 

Called ‘Cyberbank Konecta’, the new tool utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to produce an environment where Galileo claims it can handle 80% of the most frequently met inquiries directed towards banks, fintechs, credit unions and others.

Galileo Chief Product Officer David Feuer commented: “Developed with a keen focus on banking customer needs and empathy, Cyberbank Konecta understands how customers interact with their banking partner based on years of analysing, modelling and building bank customer interactions into an AI engine. 

“The technology seamlessly and intelligently meets customers at their point of need, while simultaneously informing future customer experiences.”

Galileo also argued that by deploying Cyberbank Konecta, clients will be in possession of a wide array of communication tools, such as voice and text recognition and multiple language support. 

A company statement reads: “Financial institutions, fintechs and nonfinancial brands can implement Cyberbank Konecta with any existing technology platform they use, or use Galileo’s service offerings to operate and run this technology on their behalf.”