ACI Worldwide looks to elevate the use of digital wallets with new Wallet Hub 


ACI Worldwide is looking to increase the connection between merchants and digital wallets, providing a single hub for 200+ global and regional digital wallets.

Key to the offering is a simple integration process, enabling merchants with access to the ACI Wallet Hub. 

It comes amid a backdrop of growth for digital wallets, with over half of consumers (52.7%) held and used a digital wallet in the year of 2021.

Furthermore, the new wallet hub will save time and money on developing, managing and maintaining digital wallet integrations.

Debbie Guerra, Chief Product Officer, ACI Worldwide, commented: “Digital wallets are increasingly secure, flexible and convenient, with Millennials and Gen Z, in particular, embracing them as a mainstream payment method. 

“ACI Wallet Hub enables merchants to offer customers all their preferred ways to pay to achieve greater eCommerce sales and faster growth.” 

ACI Wallet Hub looks to eliminate integration burdens to multiple wallet providers and future proof against changing technical and compliance requirements – at a time when efficiency within the payment journey has never been so crucial.

Basant Singh, Global Head of ACI’s merchant segment, added on the deal: “ACI Wallet Hub takes the complexity out of keeping up with emerging technologies and customer demand.

“It enables merchants to stay flexible and innovative without the high cost and compliance burdens associated with integrating and maintaining multiple individual digital wallets.”