Zerobank unveils composable cloud-based banking system 


System development company Zerobank Design Factory (ZDF) has revealed that it is currently working on the launch of a fully cloud-based banking system. 

The tool’s target market will be domestic and overseas financial institutions, as well as non-financial businesses who are looking to expand their product offering. 

Thanks to the cloud, each business can create its own banking system from scratch. Customers will have access to services such as account opening, deposit making, money transfers and loan applications by only using their mobile device.

An analytics engine is also included in the system, providing operators with an overview of deposits, withdrawals, interest accrual and fees in order to gain a better customer understanding and, therefore, offer a more personalised service. 

Kenichi Nagayoshi, President and CEO of ZDF, commented: “We are convinced that this full-cloud system is the solution to many of the challenges faced by companies seeking to enter the banking business. 

“By sharing our successful experience with customers in a wide range of industries, we hope to contribute to the development of digital banking in Japan and abroad.”