Digital payment platform, Wirex, has added an NFT function to its Wirex Wallet enabling its users to interact with multiple crypto features. 

Wirex users can now add NFTs to their digital wallets from marketplaces such as OpenSea, along with purchasing cryptocurrencies directly from blockchains. These functions can be paid via Apple and Google Pay. 

This new offering from the firm allows for digital assets to be stored all in one place for user convenience. The digital wallet will be secured by a ‘biometric-based security system’, which removes the need for private keys. 

In addition, along with the new NFT function, crypto purchases become more efficient as Wirex aims to provide a new feature for ‘seamless’ crypto transactions. By purchasing crypto on multiple in-app blockchains, customers will be provided with an on-ramp user experience for purchasing tokens such as Ethereum, Polygon and more. 

“With NFT ownership growing at an unprecedented rate, the addition of NFTs to the wallet will connect NFTs to the real world and give added layers of security and trust like never before to them,” said Pavel Matveev, CEO of Wirex. 

“Flexibility and choice will be a key component, by expanding the payment methods for multiple blockchains, further widening access and appeal.”

Along with recently expanding its services to the US market, Wirex has also launched multiple alternative payment methods across countries such as India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Portugal

Wirex has collaborated with Redlab Studio for its first NFT collections, whilst also striking up a partnership with metaverse NFT platform Tori Zero. The platform aims to integrate Tori Zero’s ‘motion capture technologies’, as a part of its first NFT collection rollout. 

James Wildbore, Co-Founder of Redlab Studio, commented: “Last week, we launched our newest NFT collection, which is the first virtual idol project in the blockchain industry. The timing is great since Wirex Wallet users can now store these NFTs within the wallet.”