and Nets are collaborating on a new contactless payment solution designed for smartphones and tablets. 

Entitled ‘Softpay’, the two digital payment firms will roll out their new product to retailer Salling Group firstly in countries in the Nordic region, following a further expansion into other European countries. 

Softpay enables users to make contactless payments via their smartphones and tablets without the use of additional hardware. Branded as ‘first of its kind in-store payment solution’, combines its app software with Nets payment structure. 

“We could not have found a better partner than Nets for the launch of the tap-to-phone payment application. We have great expectations for the partnership,” said Jesper Thor Rasmussen, CEO of

Store employees can advise and guide customers whilst being equipped with a mobile payment terminal to enable customers to pay immediately on the shop floor instead of having to walk over to the counter and stand in line. 

“In the future, we foresee many stores will have a combination of physical payment terminals and app-based terminals. Overall, the market for payment terminals will grow thanks to innovations like the mobile payment application,” states Patrick Höier, Chief Commercial Officer, Nets.