VIVID Labs has launched an NFT-based app on e-commerce company Shopify’s app store to help merchants create, manage and sell multimedia NFT’s. 

Being a provider of next-generation NFT’s, VIVID is aiming to help create a new media experience for merchants in the online space. 

The VIVID app contains NFT+ features, which means merchants are not constrained to one media asset like traditional NFT’s. NFT+ provides video, audio, images and 3D objects all into one single NFT. 

“We’re happy to welcome Vivid Labs to the Shopify App Store to help merchants build new and creative commerce experiences through NFT’s,” stated John S Lee, Lead of Blockchain Ecosystem at Shopify. 

“Our growing blockchain ecosystem demonstrates our commitment to supporting merchants as they sell NFT’s directly through their storefronts, helping to further grow anticipation in Web3 and expand what’s possible in commerce.”

Through the use of Shopify’s vast experience in the e-commerce space, VIVID NFT’s will become highly accessible for consumers and various alternative payment methods. 

Natural Selection Tour, an all-mountain freestyle snowboarding tour, were the first to launch NFT’s using the VIVID app on Shopify. 

Halsey Minor, CEO of Vivid Labs corporate parent Live Planet, commented: “As e-commerce continues to integrate with the blockchain space, Vivid Labs is excited to bring our multimedia NFT capabilities to Shopify merchants.

“As demonstrated with our recent partnership with Natural Selection, Vivid Labs NFTs provide merchants with a unique opportunity to connect with fans through advanced NFT features that go beyond static images.”