Ingenico strengthens unattended payments with Self-Modular terminal


Ingenico, a Worldline brand, has strengthened its position with unattended payments, through the launch of its Self-Modular unattended terminal PCI PTS v6.

The offering grows the firm’s capabilities whilst significantly enhancing its portfolio, with it covering all verticals – such as vending, EV charging, transportation, parking and ticketing kiosks, for both indoor and outdoor use cases.

Vincent Bernard, Head of Self-Service Products at Worldline TSS, commented: “The Self Series, which includes innovative unattended devices and an unrivalled suite of payment and business services, is unique in a rapidly growing market by addressing all self-service use cases. Thanks to its PCI PTSv6 certification and its scalable architecture, the Self Series is truly future proof.”

The self-service market has accelerated growth as consumers have heightened their focus on slowing the spread of bacteria when it comes to payments – with the growth of contactless and its rapid adoption elevating opportunities for the evolution of the unattended payment sector.

Based on the robust TETRA OS and sharing the same environment as the rest of the Self range, the Self-Modular can be easily integrated into any existing kiosks thanks to its compactness and its two flexible form factors.

The Self/8000 (EPP and contactless) and Self/7000 (smart hybrid contact reader) join the Self Series, which includes three “all in one” terminals (Self/2000, Self/4000 et Self/5000) successfully launched last year.

Michel Léger, EVP Solutions and Innovation at Worldline TSS added on the move: “The next step will be to facilitate the deployment and remote management of these unattended payment terminals in all the countries where the integrators want to deploy their kiosks. 

“This is why the integration of the Self Series into our innovative and powerful PPaaS platform will be a natural evolution to support the growth of the self-service market and scale it in the most simple and efficient way.”