B2B virtual payment platform, Conferma Pay, has announced a strategic collaboration with Boost Payment Solutions, seeking to elevate the use of and embracing of commercial cards. 

It builds on a thriving B2B payment marketplace, with it estimated at being worth more than $120 trillion, nonetheless, ‘antiquated payment methods’ remain prevalent in the space and continue to hinder efficiency. 

“Boost is excited to be working with Conferma Pay to deliver a powerful, STP solution that addresses many of the pain points associated with commercial card use and acceptance,” commented Dean M. Leavitt, Founder & CEO of Boost Payment Solutions. “This collaboration will maximise commercial card acceptance by transforming what is often a cumbersome manual process into a completely seamless and touchless experience for the supplier community.”

Furthermore, it also provides a secure payment method for commercial trading partners by removing the friction of manual processes and eliminating risk associated with sharing and storing sensitive data instructions.

Simon Barker, Conferma Pay CEO, commented: “We are excited to welcome Boost to our expanding payment ecosystem. The move toward digitisation and automation in B2B payments has accelerated demand for innovative technology solutions delivering more flexible payment processes with better visibility of transaction flows. Boost’s capabilities will further expand the options available to our issuer community.”