CarePayment has launched its expanded omni-channel engagement program. 

The expansion includes the redesign of the CarePayment website and member portal as well as a partnership with a global independent marketing cloud to power the new digital outreach and campaigns, all to bring a more consumer-like experience to patient financing and payments.

As part of the expansion, the firm will utilise targeted, intelligence-based communication, with the aim of personalising the outreach experience for each patient based on preferences and activity.

Laura Aylward, CarePayment’s Vice President of Marketing and Engagement, commented: “Patients expect their healthcare financing and payment journey to be the same as any other consumer product or service experience, and it is our job to meet them where they are in their journey to ensure we optimise engagement and payments on behalf of our provider partners. These engagement program enhancements are part of CarePayment’s ongoing strategy to maintain our leadership position in the industry.”

The ambition of the omni-channel approach is designed to meet patients wherever they are in their financial journey at the most efficient strategy – all to increase program enrollment and payments.

“In our more than 16 years in patient financing, we have engaged more patients than any other patient financing partner, and the payment and engagement analytics we have as a result drive our investment and innovation strategy,” added Ed Caldwell, CEO of CarePayment. 

“We know healthcare consumers are not all the same, and a single channel approach would not be successful for our provider partners. Our consumer-driven engagement program includes multiple tactics and channels, including digital, to ensure we meet every patient where they are in their financial journey.”

With the addition of new digital capabilities and digital-first engagement and enrollment, as well as the enhancement of existing patient touchpoints, CarePayment can now engage more patients earlier and more often in the revenue cycle.