NOGA supports new ‘Avoid Regrets, Stop In Time 18+’ mantra for social responsibility in the Netherlands

KSA, Netherlands, BetCity

Strengthening its approach to safer gambling, a new mantra has been proposed for the Dutch betting and gaming market as the online rollout in the country continues, entitled ‘Avoid Regrets, Stop in Time 18+’.

It comes following the Netherlands’ Ministry of Justice and Safety working on the formulation of the current slogan, ‘Play Consciously, 18+), under the direction of the Trimbos Institute, which has developed five new slogans. 

One of these five slogans, ‘Avoid Regrets, Stop in Time 18+’, has been supported by the Netherlands’ three primary betting and gaming trade associations – the Netherlands Online Gaming Association (NOGA), VAN Kansspelen and VNLOK.

The organisation’s jointly believe that the new slogan is ‘the most appealing, appropriate and effective’ of the five sogan’s formulated by the Trimbos Institute, 

In an update published on the association’s website, NOGA Managing Director, Peter-Paul de Goeij, stated: “NOGA, VAN Kansspelen and VNLOK call on the Minister for Legal Protection to make a quick decision on the new and more effective slogan and to choose “Avoid Regrets, Stop in Time 18+” for sectors where our associations are active. 

“Both consumers and providers benefit from clarity in the short term. The sector is capable of fully implementing this slogan in the short term. The Trimbos Institute will soon present the report with its findings. NOGA, VAN Kansspelen and VNLOK look forward with confidence to the conclusions and considerations.”

A search for a new slogan began following an amendment by Dutch MP Mei Li Vos to the terms of the country’s gambling framework, asserting that an ‘unambiguous and clear slogan’ should be developed to warn consumers of the risk of gambling addiction and related harm. 

This slogan will have to be clearly visible within each advertisement for a gambling product, as online betting and gaming rolls out across the Netherlands under the terms of the KOA Act.

The country’s betting industry has sought to propose its own responsible gamblinggamlbing messaging, supported with independent research involving behavioral analysts and scientists. The slogan ‘‘“limit your deposit, know your limit, 18+’” was deemed the most suitable by the three trade associations, but was not ultimately considered.