The Netherlands rolls out financial literacy school programme 

A new financial curriculum has been announced for schools in the Netherlands after the local government secured an €8m education programme.

The project will be led by the Dutch Minister Carola Schouten – responsible for the country’s social policies, civic pensions and poverty prevention. 

Students will be given lessons on “money matters, debt, and understanding risks” associated with financial illiteracy so that they can prevent future debt through good financial management skills. 

Schouten also added that the programme will shine light on the “emphasis on understanding the risks of online gambling and cryptocurrency investments”.

“This programme not only seeks to equip young people with important financial skills but also to create a support network within the school and community for those facing financial difficulties,” she shared with Dutch media. 

The introduction of the programme is evidence of the Dutch commitment to its youth, with the government consistent in its effort to curb financial illiteracy and promote safer gambling practices moving forward. 

Schouten has also revealed plans to expand the programme across all primary and secondary schools in the country starting from 2024.