HSBC deepens fight against fraud with new business app launch

HSBC has elevated its fight against fraud with the launch of a new app specifically for businesses. 

The launch aims to heighten awareness and information around the latest frauds, bringing business news and insights on the latest revelations from the sector. 

Commenting on the expansion of their offering, Peter McIntyre, head of small business banking for HSBC UK Commercial Banking, stated: “We firmly believe that by arming businesses with this latest information and advice they will be better placed to spot frauds and scams before they have parted with any of their hard-earned funds.”

It comes as the threat of fraud has evolved significantly in the past year – especially as global economies have emerged from the coronavirus pandemic and consumer habits have adapted to 

Having engaged with the new offering, Danny Lucas, Executive Chairman and Managing Director of Lucas, a specialist fit out and finishing company in the UK, emphasised: “We live in an age where cyber security breaches and attempts to get into our systems is a daily occurrence. Every day we receive malicious emails encouraging employees to click something or ‘open here’ and it could cause devastation to our company.

“Online banking is the lifeblood of our business and having an awareness of scams that are out there and being kept informed on new tactics is absolutely vital.

“The HSBC UK fraud app which we’ve been testing for the last six months has proved to be a fantastic source of intelligence for our team and provides us with an extra tool in the fight against financial crime,the lockdown and digitalisation of the payment journey.”