Amazon takes biometrics to the next level with new checkout experience

Amazon is elevating engagement in its Whole Foods Shops with the rolling out of biometric technology, according to a report by Reuters

The tech will be utilised at its Seattle outlets at the commencing of the rollout, further underlining how the tech giant is seeking to innovate within the retail sector. 

As part of the launch, shoppers will be enabled to pay for items through simply scanning the palm of their hand, tech that takes on heightened importance following the pandemic. 

Named Amazon One, the system links a palm print with a credit card and allows consumers to engage with an efficient checkout process that doesn’t require them to bring out their card. 

Amazon has continued to grow its presence globally, with it recently launching its UK store in London. 

The ‘just walk out’ shopping experience is the first Amazon Fresh store to be launched outside the US, with customers being charged as they depart the store. 

Amazon Fresh stores not only aim to provide an increasingly frictionless retail experience but also something of a base for the firm’s significant e-commerce presence. 

Speaking to the BBC, Natalie Berg, an analyst with NBK Retail stated: “Having a physical presence will enable Amazon to address some of its weaknesses, like the mounting cost of deliveries and returns.”

The launch takes on heightened importance as contact free payments become increasingly prevalent in the global commerce marketplace, with more mainstream supermarkets also looking to embrace a more frictionless experience. 

The tech involves sensors and cameras, which were developed in the US, and also utilises artificial intelligence in order to detect the purchases made by customers.