Global fintech platform Nium has announced its card users will be able to make payments via Google Pay, available on Android phones, tablets or watches. 

As a licensed Visa issuer in Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United Kingdom, Nium provides end-to-end issuing, processing and onboarding services for companies looking to introduce card services to their employees or clientele in these markets.

Gitesh Athavale, Head of Product (Cards), Nium commented: “We understand that more consumers are moving away from cash and into other forms of payment methods, and this behaviour translates to corporate expenses as well. It just makes sense for us to increase acceptance points within our system in order to provide a greater payment experience for the end users. 

“The integration of Google Pay within our card issuance network allows us to increase the acceptance points for our end users, allowing them to make payments and also track their expenses more easily and directly using their Android devices.”

To access this feature, users will have to add their Nium-issued Visa card to their Google Account and choose to pay with Google Pay at checkout. With Google Pay, users can confirm and complete the purchase without having to enter their payment information again, which enables faster checkout. Nium card users will also continue to enjoy the Visa benefits and protection while on Google Pay.