Codere ups global capacity with Telefonica powered Azure operating system

Declaring a major milestone achieved in its ongoing corporate digitisation strategy, Bolsa Madrid gambling group Codere SA has announced that its entire global workforce and business units will be supported by a new operating system.

The Spanish legacy gambling group, last week unveiled its new ‘Microsoft Azure Stack (MASaaS) operating framework’, powered by Telefonica in-partnership with Hewlett Packard Business Enterprise

Updating the market, Codere leadership stated that an end-to-end MASaaS framework was needed to power Codere global ambitions, whilst improving day-to-day operations and enhancing the firm’s technical capabilities.

In the presentation of its new operating structure, Codere governance highlights the following group-wide operating benefits: –

  • Supporting Codere global growth structures with a unified data infrastructure maintained by Telefonica’s Basque Country data centre.
  • Aligning Codere operating teams and day-to-day work functions by utilising a unified MASaaS operating system
  • Improving all-round deployment of Codere global product inventories
  • Delivering faster integration of market licensing provisions – payments, fraud, ID verifications, banking networks etc…
  • Bolstering Codere all-round security networks for regional, integrity, data-transfer and confidentiality provisions.
  • Enhancing Codere’s ability to meet individual market scale propositions
  • Lowering Codere global operational costs
  • Optimising Codere data storage and data transfer efficiencies.

Miguel Ángel Prieto Hortal, Head of DevOps at Codere stated to Spanish Industry news source, that the gambling group had allocated 20% of its technology budget in developing and delivering its new MASaaS operating system.

Entering 2019, Codere governance moved to soothe investor concerns, presenting the Spanish legacy gambling group’s ‘Horizon 2021 – corporate transformation programme’, in which the company’s executive team detailed that Codere would focus on three key areas of growth – delivering a digital makeover, securing new Mexican licenses and entering/expanding within the target market of Brazil