Mangopay tapped by Bigcrafters to empower Spanish artisans with flexible payments

Credit: Shutterstock

Mangopay has signed a new agreement with digital artisan products platform Bigcrafters to power its online payments capabilities. 

With a focus on the Spanish market, Estrella Galicia-powered Bigcrafters offers consumers a variety of craft beverages and foods through an online sales platform dedicated to craft product manufacturers. 

Ignacio Rivera, President of Estrella Galicia’s parent Hijos de Rivera Corporation, said: “We are very proud of the growth that BigCrafters is experiencing, as a community of producers who, like us, want to challenge the status quo, love things to be well made and create products with passion. 

“Our ultimate goal is to build a positive impact commerce that reconnects society with the community of small and large artisans.”

Mangopay will further strengthen the platform’s operations by supplying it with its modular payments infrastructure that enables alternative payment flows for SMEs wanting to diversify their customer experience. 

Nicolas Fournie, Head of Sales for Mangopay in Spain, added: “We’re delighted to be supporting Estrella Galicia on its mission to drive the bigcraft movement and support local businesses in Spain.

“Our team at Mangopay is passionate about making payments simple for marketplaces – whether that’s established, global platforms or those which are just starting out. We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’, so a new initiative like Bigcrafters was the perfect example of how we can use our modular technology to create a unique solution with specific marketplace needs in mind. 

“Bigcrafters brings a fresh way of thinking to support local artisanal business and we’re excited to help them launch in Spain, and about the future of our collaboration.”