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Denmark’s gambling authority, the Spillemyndigheden, has issued its latest enforcement action against a betting operator for breaching AML requirements.

The authority has reprimanded an online casino firm, Spillahallen, due to discrepancies in the firm’s written accounts. The accounts were submitted to the regulator to provide assurances of compliance with Denmark’s AML Act.

Spillahallen’s risk assessment covered the period up to 10 December 2023, but was deemed ‘inadequate’ by the regulator. Specifically, the authority states that the assessment did not provide enough details about the company’s AML and counter-terrorist financing (CTF) processes, and was insufficient in assessing threat factors associated with customers.

Spillemyndigheden explains the risk assessment as providing gambling operators with “a useful tool that gives an overview and understanding of where and to what extent the gambling operator is exposed to being misused for money laundering or financing of terrorism, and what measures are necessary to limit the risks”.

Under Section 7 of the AML Act, companies that are subject to the regulatory framework must provide an assessment of the inherent risks without taking into account the risk mitigation measures. This also includes customer due diligence, which must not be included in the risk assessment. 

Spillehallen was found to be in breach of Section 7, which Spillemyndigheden argued might have increased the risk of the provider being misused for money laundering.

This is the latest AML development to occur in Denmark since international casino brand Mr Green faced enforcement action for similar reasons. The financial charge imposed on the firm was later reduced by the country’s Administrative Court.

Operators active in Denmark are subject to a range of AMl requirements, which were updated by the government last month