Mangopay’s FX solution shines in Omnipresent partnership

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Mangopay has partnered with Omnipresent, a provider of global employment solutions, to power the latter’s new Contractor Management Solution. 

Under the agreement, Mangopay will integrate pay-in, e-wallet, payout and FX infrastructure into the Omnipresent platform, aiming to streamline contractor management across 200 countries. This integration hopes to guarantee seamless multi-currency payments, compliance and administrative efficiency for businesses.

The Contractor Management Solution supports global businesses in sending payments to contractors in regions where they lack a physical presence, aiming to alleviate the administrative load associated with tracking contractor invoices and ensuring punctual payments. 

Additionally, the solution aims to mitigate the risk of contractor misclassification, which could result in legal complications and financial repercussions.

Yoav Artzi, VP of Product at Omnipresent said: “As companies expand their international footprint, managing contractors efficiently becomes crucial. However, businesses often face challenges in ensuring timely payments, tracking invoices, and navigating complex compliance landscapes.

“Our solution, powered by Mangopay’s payments infrastructure, specifically addresses the complex risks of misclassification, ensuring companies can operate with confidence and focus on their core activities. We’re making international contractor management not just easier, but also safer.” 

Utilising Mangopay’s FX capabilities, the Omnipresent Contractor Management Solution empowers businesses to enhance multi-currency payments within its compliant end-to-end fund management process.

Alex Taylor, Mangopay’s UK Head of Sales, said: “We are delighted to be playing a vital role in the launch of such an innovative and exciting new product from Omnipresent. The solution we are providing is a great example of how our modular and flexible infrastructure is able to support specific use cases for employment and HR platforms. 

“In particular, this partnership highlights the power of our FX solution, as it enables Omnipresent customers to seamlessly and manage international payments in a compliant and efficient manner, reducing operational costs and providing an improved experience for users.”  

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