For the next four weeks, the eyes of the continent will be locked and loaded on Germany. When ‘Die Nationalmannschaft’ host the Tartan Army of Scotland on 14 June in Berlin, it will kick off the hotly anticipated UEFA Euro 2024

After an enthralling season of domestic action, including Manchester City winning a record fourth consecutive Premier League title and Bayer Leverkusen shocking the world, winning the Bundesliga in an invincible fashion, fans and bettors alike are looking ahead to the Euros for their next piece of betting action. 

Underpinning a positive betting experience for those fans is a seamless and secure payment journey. DIMOCO Payments, a payments platform provider based in Vienna, is seeking to revolutionise the user experience by promoting the use of carrier billing payments. 

In a bid to make the player experience even more seamless, carrier billing payments allow users to add on their deposits to igaming platforms instantly, with the payment being added onto their mobile phone bill with their carrier each month. 

And in a high-octane tournament such as the Euros, in which in-play betting is expected to be at an all-time high, carrier billing payments could potentially help speed up the process for players to deposit funds from their bank accounts into their sportsbook account. 

DIMOCO Payments SVP of Sales Bettina Sommer told Payment Expert: “Operators who adopted carrier billing ahead of the Euros will benefit from its convenience and speed. With carrier billing, fans can quickly and securely place bets using their mobile devices without the need for credit cards or bank accounts, enhancing the overall user experience during this high-profile event.” 

Bettina Sommer
Image: DIMOCO Payments

Carrier billing payments is a phenomenon that DIMOCO Payments is seeking to be a pioneer of in the sports betting and igaming space, as the firm already outlined to SBC Media

But ahead of the Euros, the firm is reiterating its assertion that carrier billing payments is the future of the space, amplified by the prominence that in-play and micro-betting could have in the tournament. 

“Carrier billing offers a seamless way for players to bet swiftly during fast-paced sports like football,” Sommer continued. “By charging bets directly to their mobile phone bill, users can place bets instantly without interruptions, making it ideal for keeping up with the dynamic nature of live sports.

“In fact, it provides the perfect experience for in-play betting. Its simplicity and speed enable players to place bets more efficiently during matches, potentially increasing engagement and participation in micro-betting scenarios, thus driving the popularity of in-play betting further.”

The payment provider notes that the speed-of-use and ease that carrier billing payments affords bettors are conducive with betting on high-demand and fast-paced events such as the Euros. 

Adding in the fact that the Euros can attract a much more casual customer who may not be as educated when it comes to the process of placing a bet once carrier billing payments are fully rolled out in the future, can be a bridge to make those new users much more comfortable. 

Sommer explained: “What is great about these big sporting events, is that they bring with them a huge amount of interest. 

“People who may not often follow sport get swept up in the excitement and spectacle. It is not uncommon for there to be pools at work and among friendship groups. This means that more and more people are placing bets and getting involved. Carrier billing is the perfect payment method for these casual bets.”

As one of Europe’s biggest proponents of carrier billing payments for igaming, DIMOCO Payments offers a robust platform to facilitate these transactions and serves multiple operators across the continent. One of the firm’s latest clients is the Polish sports betting market leader STS Group.

The DIMOCO platform excels in carrier billing payments due to its robust infrastructure and tailored solutions,” Sommer told SBC. “We know how important the user experience is of a payments setup, which is why we work together with our clients to ensure that they are constantly getting personalised support to ensure smooth transactions and maximise performance.”

While carrier billing payments do come with significant benefits for bettors with the speed and ease of use available, there may be an argument that this could evoke impulsive betting, sparking fears over responsible gambling. 

However, equipped with years of experience in the field, DIMOCO Payments seeks to keep players safe by using a range of RG tools to ensure that carrier billing payments is not a gateway to problem gambling. The firm ensures that partners use transaction limits and deposit limits. 

With safety in mind, DIMOCO Payments is looking forward to display the full capabilities of carrier billing payments in sports betting with its partners before fully rolling out the solution. It is just one step in a much wider rollout which has just gained regulatory approval in Germany. 

Sommer concluded: “The Euros serve as an important use case for how carrier billing can be leveraged in high-demand seasons as a reliable payment method that attracts new players.”