Payment Expert’s Blockchain Bulletin analyses how the world of blockchain is constantly evolving and having a major impact on the payment industry, with cryptocurrencies, NFTs and the metaverse revolutionising the space. 

This week, Payment Expert had the opportunity to speak with OKX Chief Marketing Officer, Haider Rafique as he went into detail on the vast potential the OKX Collective metaverse can play in redefining the fan experience alongside Manchester City F.C. 

‘The metaverse will reshape how fans engage with players’

These were some of the words OKX’s CMO Haider Rafique told us in an exclusive interview centred around the metaverse and its ability to engage fans of Manchester City within this new digital world. 

Rafique explained: “We’ve designed the OKX Collective experience to be both immersive and simple. This way, fans – many of whom are experiencing Web3 for the first time – can easily interact with their favourite players while exploring the space. 

“To join and train with Rúben Dias and Ílkay Gündogan in the OKX Collective metaverse, all you need to do is confirm you’re over 18 and create a unique avatar. There’s no need to do anything else.”

“Blockchain will give us tools to work with the regulatory bodies and give us a more efficient way to do that”

Web3 was the hot-topic during an SBC Summit North America panel last week, as Michael Bauer – CFO of Greentube, Brett Calapp – CEO of Desert Diamond Mobile, and Tejinder Kumar – CCO of Finixio, discussed how Web3 is already making inroads in the betting and igaming space. 

Regulation, integration of blockchain technology and more was discussed by the three industry experts, as the technology and sector continues to mature to fuel more adoption. 

Meta focuses on augmented reality in potential Magic Leap deal

Meta is not wavering on its ambitious metaverse plans after a report from the Financial Times indicated that the firm is in talks with augmented reality (AR) startup Magic Leap over a multi-year partnership.

Meta was initially in talks with Magic Leap in 2020 over a potential stake acquisition but fizzled out, although it may have become the catalyst for Mark Zuckeberg’s company’s interest in working with the AR company. 

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Ripple goes all in on CBDCs

Ripple officially launched its end-to-end Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) platform this week, allowing central banks, governments, or financial institutions to create and distribute their own digital currencies and stablecoins. 

James Wallis, VP of Central Bank Engagements & CBDCs at Ripple, commented: “As a trusted partner to several central banks, we believe this platform will help solve problems for many central banks and governments who are devising plans and developing a technology strategy for CBDC Implementations.