Digital asset trading platform from EPAM Systems, CryptoCortex, has been integrated with Gold-i to elevate the access of financial institutions to market makers. 

The collaboration will also see fully cleared cryptocurrency products available via Gold-i’s CryptoSwitch 2.0, part of its Matrix multi-asset liquidity management platform.

Tom Higgins, CEO, Gold-i, commented: As digital asset trading continues to gain momentum amongst brokers, Prime of Primes and hedge funds, a key part of our strategy is to ensure that the cryptocurrency liquidity available through Gold-i’s liquidity management platform is easily accessible, regardless of which trading platform clients are using. 

“CryptoCortex is one of the most advanced platforms for digital asset trading, therefore integrating with them was a logical step for Gold-i.”

The integration was completed following a request from a Gold-i client wanting to use the CryptoCortex platform to access liquidity from Hehmeyer and Shift Markets via Gold-i’s CryptoSwitch 2.0.

Ilya Gorelik, VP, Real-Time Computing Lab at EPAM added: “We are delighted to partner with Gold-i to provide our customers with real-time, event-driven processing and analytics that not only meets their essential needs but also delivers actionable intelligence.

“Financial markets are among the fastest moving markets around, and with cutting edge tools – like CryptoCortex – that make data readily available, customers can quickly implement the best decisions possible.”