Chargebacks911 integrates multilingual system to tackle translation issues

Chargebacks911 is broadening its services to serve multiple languages integrating an automated chargeback system for merchants.

This translation service is a milestone for the US-based firm as it addresses two key areas of concern for merchants; combating the rise of fraud and how to navigate effective use of machine learning and AI. 

Chargebacks911 aims its new translation processor to mitigate ‘friendly fraud’ for ecommerce businesses as its growth can be attributed to unavailable feedback from the merchant. 

Due to the sheer amount of chargeback data processed, online merchants lose time and productivity working through data with a vast majority of cases expiring contributing to successful fraud attempts. This is exacerbated even more through the difficulty language barriers pose. 

Seeking to implement an automated translation process for more accurate english transcriptions, Chargebacks911 AI-built system is capable of solving issues for companies who sell large amounts or complex financial products, and to speed up the chargeback process. 

“Even working in a single language, companies require skilled dispute professionals on staff to deal with the flood of both legitimate and illegitimate disputes,” stated Monica Eaton-Cardone, Founder of Chargebacks911. 

“Adding the task of having to translate multiple languages into this equation means additional complexities and costs which can be easily avoided with the right technology. Providing merchants with the ability to free up valuable resources to focus on their core competencies is part of our mission to digitally reform the dispute and chargeback process.”

Built on the Dispute Resolution Platform, Chargebacks911 latest offering is available on modular web-services to allow merchants to accurately translate other languages seamlessly. 

Sandeep Menon, Chief Technology Officer at Chargebacks911, added: “We have seen from the success that our customers have already had with this technology that it can do incredible things to increase efficiency at a time when merchants need to do everything they can to prevent the catastrophic losses that can come from chargebacks. Nobody else on the market is using AI as effectively as we are.”