Blockdaemon acquires Sepior to enhance its blockchain ecosystem

Blockchain infrastructure company Blockdaemon has acquired Sepior, a data and digital asset security firm, which will help to bolster Blockdaemon’s blockchain ecosystem. 

Sepior will offer its ‘institutional-grade’ cryptographic key management and protection software to enable Blockdaemon’s efforts to create a more streamlined user experience for funding, managing transactions, and liquid staking solutions for crypto accounts. 

The integrated software will help sew the two merging platforms together, with an emphasis on automating staking/re-staking and bonding/unbonding of cryptocurrencies, enhancing the security measures for Blockdaemon’s customers. 

“We are thrilled to bring Sepior into the Blockdaemon family,” said Konstantin Richter, Blockdaemon Founder and CEO. 

“The ability to properly secure private keys is a cornerstone of the multi-billion dollar institutional crypto finance industry. With this acquisition we are now able to foster the distribution of trust, identity, and privacy of keys at scale.”

Sepior will help facilitate Blockdaemon’s ability to connect businesses to various blockchains through one single integration. The acquisition will also allow Blockdaemon to offer customers wallet solutions for its digital assets on offer. 

The blockchain firm has stated it has seen ‘significant growth across institutional customers’ during its Q2, nearly doubling the number it had less than a year ago. 

The latest acquisition is one of four deals Blockdaemon has completed in two years, following acquisitions of Gem, Anyblock Analytics and Lunie.  

Ahmet Tuncay, former CEO of Sepior and now Head of MPC Digital Asset Security at Blockdaemon, stated: “We’re incredibly excited to join forces with Blockdaemon.  This move allows us to accelerate on-boarding our institutional customers while continuing to invest in our roadmap that uniquely meets their needs in this rapidly changing environment. 

“Integrating advanced MPC into Blockdaemon’s portfolio opens up new use cases for our technology that will allow us to serve our customers with even better digital asset security solutions.”