Automation is one of the key targets operators should pursue, according to Peter Murray, Head of Gaming at Veriff, who spoke to SBC.

Highlighting the importance of having a coherent fraud prevention infrastructure in the gaming industry, Murray suggested that if industry players add automation on top of that, it will leave space for them to put their focus on where it most matters.

He added: “If we go back years, people thought it was human interaction that identifies false identity. But the volume of people we see, the ingenuity of the frauds nowadays, really only the technology that evolves over time can help. 

“It will never do everything, but it will do the heavy lifting. For me, it allows for a much faster automated process, allowing your fraud department or other parts of your business to concentrate on the last 10% where it’s a bit more difficult. 

“So, I think genuinely that’s where the automation of that process really benefits the efficiency of the companies we work with.”

Not only is automation a core element for maintaining an overall synchronisation between business operations, but it also brings speed to the equation, which Murray believes is what will keep the whole industry afloat as it moves forward and gradually attracts a younger player base.

He concluded: “The generation that’s going to sustain the gambling sector doesn’t look like me, strangely enough. The younger generation are so used to a faster experience and less friction. I think that’s where technology like the one from Veriff, around facial recognition, tying it into documents, really fits. 

“Customers now don’t want to be typing in data, waiting for a length of time. What they want, as you’ll see in our other markets such as crypto and gaming as opposed to gambling, they’re used to that fast experience. That builds trust and sustainability.”