Adyen has expanded into embedded financial products – as the firm continues to grow its offering. 

As part of the growth, the firm’s new range of products seeks to enable platforms and marketplaces to create personalised financial experiences for users.

Thom Ruiter, VP of Banking and Financial Products at Adyen, commented: “By building our banking infrastructure, as a part of the single platform, from the ground up, we remove the limitations of legacy financial systems, enabling Adyen to deliver the power of a bank combined with the adaptability of a fintech.

“This unique approach means we can offer our platform customers unparalleled flexibility to meet the evolving needs of their user base without the barriers of regulatory complexity, lengthy product development, or sponsor bank restrictions.”

Commencing with Adyen for Platforms, the company allows platforms to embed payments into their offering and deliver a unified commerce experience across sales channels and geographies. 

“We see this step in building out our financial technology platform as a natural evolution of our business,” added Pieter van der Does, CEO and Co-Founder at Adyen. “We’re building these products to help businesses achieve their ambitions faster. For platform businesses this means we empower them to become a one-stop shop for all their users’ needs. We’re uniquely positioned to help them here, combining our technology with our licensing framework.”

The offering will also focus on a multi-currency accounts offering, enabling users to receive payments, initiate payouts, and safely store money all in one place. Furthermore, it comes as the globalised transactions  take on heightened importance for firms in the space.