US digital bank, FV Bank, has launched its first application programming interface (API) to allow advanced automation and integration for its clients.

FV Bank aims to enable firms the ability to reduce operating costs and seamlessly scale their operations through automating data and payment systems. 

Corporate and institutional Clients of FV Bank will benefit from the new API as it provides streamlined compliant banking solutions for their clients products. 

“We founded FV Bank, to foster growth between banks and fintech creators,” states Miles Paschini, co-founder and CEO FV Bank.

“Our new API will allow customers to seamlessly integrate payments and banking into their platforms and improve customer experiences. With our API FV Bank clients can create compliant banking experiences directly with a bank partner instead of using an intermediary Bank as a Service (BaaS) provider.” 

The automated technology allows real time payouts for customers, as well as accessing balance and transaction data history. 

FV Bank’s API will also grant clients the option to integrate payment solutions in their own fintech and blockchain applications. 

Paschini concluded: “Our goal is to vertically integrate and provide the regulatory and compliance functions of a bank and also deliver the tech solutions directly to our customers.”

According to FV Bank, future versions of the API will integrate FV Bank’s digital asset trust. Allowing fintechs to create and develop new products under a regulated bank partner’s compliance.